The Triple Nine Society is a high-IQ group open to anyone scoring at or above the 99.9th percentile, approximately 150, on specified IQ tests.
The Triple Nine Society is a high-IQ group open to anyone scoring at or above the 99.9th percentile, approximately 150, on specified IQ tests.
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Membership Renewal
All known TNS members with email are able to access the members-only areas of the website by logging in. Eventually, only the dues-paying members will be admitted into the members only areas, so renew your membership today.
If you are a TNS member who cannot log in (due to your email not being on our list) please send your email address and member number (or at least your name, if you don't know your member number) to the Website Manager for immediate access.

TNS Political Survey Results
Results and analysis of a political survey of the Triple Nine Society membership.

Links to High-IQ Related Websites

Other High IQ Societies
A list of the more popular High-IQ Societies

Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests
Uncommonly High-IQ Reference Page.

IQ Comparison Site
Articles and Links about the comparison of IQs between countries and over time, including estimates of historical figures and Flynn Effect correction.

History of High-IQ Societies
Maintained by Darryl Miyaguchi

General Links

Particle Chart
Chart of Standard Model of subatomic particles (PDF, from

LASCO - Current Images
LASCO Images

Images of the Sun taken by a satellite that stares at it 24x7.
LASCO = Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph Experiment

RGB Color Space Tool
This page is for generating a color-to-white wash, starting from any point of a 16x16x16 RGB color cube.

Number Base Converter
This is a calculation tool for converting a number in any base (2 thru 62) to a number in another base (not fully tested).

Reference Links

Cool Tools for Schools
Great collection of Web 2.0 tools & utilities for educators and presenters

Education Index at
The Education Index at provides educational data about undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. It uses publicly available numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and strives to present them in a simple and easy-to-digest way. The desire is to make it easy to pick the best college which fits your financial, social and educational interests and goals.

Virtual Library
Virtual Library, founded by Tim Berners-Lee

Geography Reference
All sorts of geographic information (useful for travelers).

Links to Members' Websites

If a man could pass thro' Paradise in a Dream, & have a flower presented to him as a pledge that his Soul had really been there, & found that flower in his hand when he awoke -- Aye? and what then?
from Ujjwal Dey - e-Publisher of short stories, flash fiction and novels in multiple genres. Also: : Only Good News, Everytime! and : Prayer Circle, Post a prayer, Request a prayer.
The headquarters for information about Jason Bengtson's projects, research, publications, presentations and more. Explore digital palimpsest recovery, emergent metadata, and other fascinating topics.

Dennis Lee Wilson
Dennis Lee Wilson, a former editor of Vidya, blogs, writes and collects articles about current events and analyze how they relate to the Covenant of Unanimous Consent which he considers profoundly fundamental and essential to individuals and small groups seeking to survive the inevitable collapse of the USA Imperial Empire. Some of his articles have been published on sites throughout the worldwide web. All are available on his personal website/blog at

Atlas Shrugged Celebration Day
For the 2000 Millennium Dennis Wilson visited Ouray, Colorado, the inspiration for Ayn Rand's Galt's Gulch, and created Atlas Shrugged Celebration Day website. It contains Judge Narragansett's New Constitution Project. [ ] The inspiration for this Project comes from the closing pages of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

Home page of Dean Kisling. Fiction - fractal art - music. Stories, books, audio, video, maps, blogs and projects in progress.

Performing Arts Medicine
Klavierunterricht Wolff Freiburg

Information on my work in a developing interdisciplinary specialty - performing arts medicine and PAM education. As a pianist, instrumental educator, musicians' physiotherapist and medical student I am trying to help musicians to develop their optimal instrumental technique, based on a refined musical idea. People also learn to avoid injury-prone behavior and how they can rehabilitate themselves after playing-related or traumatic injury.

Research with a Purpose
Vikas Agrawal's Page at California Institute of Technology. Researcher at the intersection of computational modeling, artificial intelligence and natural human computer interfaces.

Activity Context Representation: Techniques and Languages
Research community at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interfaces working to create activity context aware digital workspaces and consumer playspaces, to facilitate workshops at the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence meetings and international academic-industry consortium.

Koko Milgrim
The general interest lifestyle blog of member Koko Milgrim, featuring books, travel, languages, with bonus adorable puppies and K-pop idols.

All Things Finno-Ugrian (Uralic)
A central base for exploring the cultures, languages, histories, literature, etc., of the Finns, Karelians, Saami, Estonians and Hungarians, as well as the 'Volga Finnish' nations of the Mari, Udmurt, Komi and Mordvin people, and the Nenets and related nations of northwestern Siberia, and others. Included are many useful, educational and entertaining links, including to pertinent video clips, Amazon books and other products, music, etc.
Bohdan "Bo" Shmorhay is a technical writer based in San Diego, California.

Nikolai Shevchuk's book "How to Become Smarter"
This book describes techniques for improving mental abilities such as general intelligence, attention control and impulse control, speed of thinking, as well as understanding and getting along with other people. Regulation of mood is also covered. The methods include "smart diets" and hydrotherapy.

All IQ Tests
All IQ Tests consists of dozens (the goal is 101) of IQ tests consisting of puzzles created by TNS member Bill Bultas, Famous Mensan (Mensa Bulletin, July, 2004) and OATHS/Epimetheus member Terry Stickels, TNS co-founder Ronald K. Hoeflin, PhD and others. Todd Mildon's home on the web
Todd's online resume, links to favorite sites, and other evolving content.

Marketocracy Model Portfolio for Timothy Siegel
Triple Nine Member Timothy Siegel is a Marketocracy mFolio Master. To find out what this means and to learn more about it, visit his website.

Timothy Siegel, Patent Attorney
Professional website for TNS Member Timothy Siegel, patent attorney.

Xanadu Leisure
This website deals with the games I [Joli Quentin Kansil] have invented over the last 38 years, including Bridgette, which is in the Games magazine Hall of Fame. Also at the site is a display of the reformed spelling system I designed as well as a reform calendar.

Gary Sockut's Web Site
Career topics and leisure interests.

Jason Betts Emerald Alchemy
A site of my polymathic hats including Psychic, Alchemist, Inventor, Author, Philosopher, Teacher, Salesman, Reiki Shihan and Marriage Celebrant.

Beyond Counting
Website provides information on how to beat casino games. Includes articles (coauthored by tns member, Previn Mankodi), forums and general gaming information. The highly sought after book, Exhibit CAA: Beyond Counting by James Grosjean -- available for purchase through the website. - Development, Training and free Content
German website for application development and primarily German GIMP-Tutorials with additional free content, e.g. cd-labels for opensource software, a password-generator.

Marie's World - on Lulu
Maria Claudia Faverio's website.

Contemporary art with the techniques of the old masters, oil paintings, renaissance style, sculpture.

CICB Center of Intercultural Competence
The CICB Center of Intercultural Competence was founded in May 2000 by Thomas Baumer. The main activities are research, assessment, seminars and consultancy in intercultural communication - basically to improve respect and understanding between the fascinating cultures of our world.

CPC - The Harrises
The Harrises create oral proposals that win billion-dollar competitions for IT and other high-tech companies - a narrow, intellectually satisfying niche, especially after decades of people, project, and corporate management.

Wolf Schweitzer's Website
Rather technical web front end without anything unusual.

Stevan M. Damjanovic
Personal Portal... Meet me as I am

Bob Tim's Analytic Website
Includes some unusual references to philosophy, Website construction, and electronic design.

Ted Robinson's "The Godhead"
An action/intrigue novel that evolves into a quest for the Answer to Everything, based on a quantum justification of the Tao. Somewhat along the lines of the battlefield song of the Bhagavad-Gita, or perhaps the poetry of Rumi: a prose-poem tribute to one of the most potential and yet least-recognized revelations of our time.

Sameer's Homepage
About Sameer, Artificial Intelligence, and human intelligence.

TriviGo: Games, word puzzles and other writings by Wyman Brantley. TriviGo is an audio quiz game. Play online word games and take trivia quizzes.

Ed Schreiber's Website
A convenient format for shameless vanity.

Polymath Systems
Kevin Langdon's publications and links on mind and consciousness.

Miles Research
Miles Research specializes in developing office automation and integrating online client/server database applications. Also develops biomedical imaging systems and operates research programs.

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