Elections Officer

The Elections Officer (EO) is responsible for the orderly conduct of the bi-annual TNS Election. The position of EO is a bit strange, because you need a very honest, respectable person to do it – and then you deny that honest, respectable person to run for office the election himself/herself. But that’s the rules!

Currently the position is held by Wendell Reinking from Hawaii.

Information Officer

The Information Officer (IO) position was created when TNS took its step into the World Wide Web, around the year 2000. The Information Officer traditionally gets a lot of work and little praise, but in TNS we value volunteers, so it’s not so bad.

Currently the position is held by Tom Chantler who is also a Member-at-Large and thus a member of the ExCom.

Legal Counsel

Of course TNS has quite a number of lawyer members. In the old days, whenever a legal question arose that concerned TNS, an informal poll among those lawyers willing to weigh in was taken and then acted accordingly. This seemed to be a bit too informal, and although we do not expect to get sued anytime soon, it is good to have a member acting as our Legal Counsel.

The position is currently held by Wally Magathan.


If you have no idea what a Psychometrician might be, then you’re in good company. Few people know. But the position is essential for TNS, as we keep very high admission standards. So we need an expert who keeps an eye on new IQ tests (whether they are suitable for TNS), on old IQ tests (whether they are compromized and cannot be accepted anymore) and generally advises the other officers in issues related to IQ testing.

Currently the position is held by Dr. David Rogers from North Carolina.


Our journal Vidya is read in PDF format by many members. Yet there are quite many members who still like to have the print version of Vidya around and are willing to pay the extra USD 20 for the six annual print Vidyas.

Frankly, this makes a lot of sense, because what usually happens is that you skip through Vidya, read the interesting articles and dismiss articles you deem less interesting. But then, after some time, you pick up that Vidya again and give one of those dismissed articles a try – often with a pleasant surprise. A PDF can’t do that for you, really.

But to send out all those print Vidyas to the world, we need a member who actually goes to the print shop, organizes the printing. The US recipients get their Vidya mailed directly from the printer, the international recipients get their Vidyas sent individually from our Publisher.

Currently the position is held by John Markarian from California.

Order Handling

TNS has no employees, for every task we have to find (and usually do find) a dedicated volunteer who runs a tight ship in his realm. So if members order a Membership Certificate or a lapel pin from the Member Pages, there is no anonymous entity preparing the order.

In the case of a Certificate, the order is handled first by FO Bobby Hood in Texas, then transferred to Regent Thorsten Heitzmann in Switzerland who prepares the PDF to print, as well as the address labels. The PDFs then go to the volunteer who does the actual work and prints as well as sends out the orders.

Currently, this position is held by Mike Tarnower from Georgia.

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