ggg999 - Our Annual International Meeting

You probably followed a link to register for ggg999, our annual meeting. Great that you did so, the success of the previous nine meeetings (and their seven European counterparts) tells us that the meetings struck a chord with many HIQ folks.

In order to register you have to be a member of TNS or what we phrase as a current member of another 99.9th-percentile-plus HIQ society with credible admission standards (Prometheus, Epimetheus, ISPE and OATHS). You can also bring one guest and we actually have a set of rules for participation:

We try to keep the costs for the event low and still convene in style — but it is necessary to have a registration fee that covers the costs involved. Your own expenses (travel, accommodation, food) will be covered by yourself (no surprise). Note that in a system where you get a substantial discount for booking early, there are obviously no refunds when cancelling later on.

  • Registration up to and including May 30 2018 — $ 999.00 - price not yet set
  • Registration from June 01 up to and including August 15 2018 — $ 999.00 - price not yet set
  • Registration later than August 15 2018 and at the door — $ 999.00 - price not yet set


Members of TNS

You need to be logged into the website to register, so please proceed to either



Members of Other HIQ Societies

Unfortunately, we only see a few members of other societies registering each year - but they always seem to enjoy it, so don't be shy.
As you cannot log in for registration, obviously, we'd like to ask you to register in the old-fashioned way by sending an email to our Regent Eric Zimmermann at [email protected] and take it from there.
Thank you!

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