What is TNS?

The Triple Nine Society (TNS) is for people scoring at or above the 99.9th percentile on selected intelligence tests. If that doesn't tell you a lot, consider Mensa, the best-known high IQ society in the world. Two percent of the general population may qualify for Mensa which has a worldwide membership of about 110,000. Think of Mensa on steroids when you consider joining Triple Nine. Admission to the TNS, at 0.1%, is 20 times as selective!

Founded in 1978, TNS is “committed to friendship, communication, the adventure of intellectual exploration, and a greater realization of individual potentials” (quoted from our Constitution). The guiding principles of the Society are democracy, collegiality, respect for diverse philosophies, and openness to innovation and evolution.

The more than 1,900 Triple Nine Society members come from diverse educational, ethnic, cultural and political backgrounds, and our geographic distribution spans 53 US jurisdictions and 39 countries.

Our singular commonality lies in our all having scored 99.9th percentile or above on a test of adult intelligence, e.g., GRE, MAT, Stanford-Binet, Wechsler, HAWIE, etc. (see our Test Scores page for a full list and qualifying scores).

Our members’ continual access to others who share their own great intellectual strengths provides unique opportunities for mentorship in both educational and business settings, for personal and interpersonal growth, and for social-emotional self-actualization, not readily available outside the Society.

Members enjoy the benefits of intellectual exchange via Discourse online forum, a Facebook group, our journal Vidya, annual meetings in the US as well as Europe, and more.

The Triple Nine Society is a 501(c)(7) organization.
Documents are available here (7.4MB).
Note that neither dues nor donations are US-tax-deductible.

Why the Triple Nine Society?

If you read our constitution, even just the first paragraph, you will see that we are founded on certain principles having mostly to do with building a strong community. 
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What's New in TNS?

From time to time, Regent Thorsten Heitzmann provides information on news and latest developments in TNS.
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TNS Online

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What Members Say

TNS is just a great place to relax and chat.
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