egg999 - The European Meeting

The European meeting started, incidentally, more or less by mistake. After the first two ggg999 meetings, Thorsten Heitzmann had voiced the opinion that Europe should have a meeting, too – and when this was understood as an intent to organize such a meeting, the ball got rolling.

And it’s good that it did. The meetings were a success from day one – and most participants plan their year around the meetings nowadays, in order not to miss them.

The meetings are open not only to members of TNS and their guests, but also to members of other 99.9th-percentile-plus HIQ societies with credible admission standards (Prometheus, Epimetheus, ISPE and OATHS). For details see our rules for participation.

After previous meetings in London (2011), Copenhagen (2012), Paris (2013), Amsterdam (2014), Schwäbisch Gmünd (2015), Mallorca (2016), Heidelberg (2017), Maastricht (2018) and Marburg (2019), we're currently planning for Aschaffenburg, Germany in 2020.

Location: Aschaffenburg, Germany (essentially two train stops from FRA airport)
Date: May 21–May 24, 2020

If you need more information, please contact Thorsten Heitzmann.

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